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What people are saying
  • Abel fue muy atento con nosotros y nos ayudó muchísimo. Antes de encontrar a Abel trabajamos con algunos realtors pero no tuvimos buenos resultados. Después de comprar la casa hemos seguido en contacto con Abel y nos a ayudado mucho con el proceso de remodelación de nuestro nuevo hogar. Definitivamente recomiendo que trabajen con Abel.
    Martha Alvarez - Helped me buy a home
  • I recently purchased what I call "my dream home" & I have to say that it was not an easy purchase.THANKS to Abel- whom I must say, bend over backwards and did everything in his control to make this dream come true for me & my family, I am now enjoying my beautiful home. The past couple of months have been tough for me with my mother becoming ill and going into a rehab center and then my dad becoming ill too and having to move in with me, I sincerely feel as Abel was the god sent angel that made sure the dream of owning a bigger home became a TRUE reality. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for coming in contact with such a wonderful person. He put in so much effort to make sure everything went well with the purchase of my home. He never gave up & always motivated me not to give up neither. It was obvious that he was looking after my best interest & not just about collecting a paycheck. He guided me through the process one step at a time & kept himself involved at all times. Even though we started working together since April, I feel as if I known him for years. I am extremely lucky to have come across what I call a "superb real estate agent". Abel earned 5 stars, hands down.
    Yamilet Abreu - Helped me sell and buy a home
  • It was a great pleasure buying a house with Abel. My wife and I always felt we were in good hands. Abel is a honest professional with a great knowledge of the market. He always took great care of our needs. If we were to buy again we would undoubtedly do it with him. Thanks Abel and congrats on your recent parenthood!
    Jacobo Rispa - Helped me buy a home

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